Cultural Tours

Tour 3

Traditional market, Sasak Village (Banyumulek, Sukarara, Sade), Selong Belanak Beach, Kuta beach, Mawun Beach, Semeti Beach, Merese Hill, Tanjung Aan

Ampenan: we visit the traditional market to buy local spices and fruit. Banyumulek is an important centre for pottery which Lombok has become famous with internationaly. Sukarara, is a village producing songket weaving craft famous Lombok. Sade Village is a traditional Sasak weaving village where quality ikat and traditional cloth is displayed and sold.

Selong Belanak Beach is located in the South of Lombok. Its a beautiful secret beach where you can enjoy the white sand and the quietness. The waves offer a variety of challenges to surfers  from beginners to seer madness {surf lessons from professionals available}. Kuta Beach is becoming famous word-wide amongst surf enthusiasts destination. Mawun beach, shaped like a bow with a deep arch. The hills around the beach always change the colors as the seasons. In the rainy season, the hills will be dominated by green vegetation that thrives, while in the dry season will look brownish. These colors blend with blue and white ocean waves breaking in the distance when hit the reef. Semeti beach is a virgin beach with the stunning natural beauty. The beach offers the natural scenery with white sand and calm waves, behind the upright and tall rocks stored beautiful panoramic of Semeti. Boxes of rocks arranged naturally by exposure to the waves. The rock has a unique shape, some shaped like pyramids in Egypt that stands firmly in the middle of the sea.

Merese Hill, from the top of the hill, you can see the beauty of Seger Beach in the west and Batu Payung and Gili Anak Anjakan in the east. And, Merese Hill is the best spot for having sunset on Lombok Island. Next stop is Tanjung Aan Beach, is located around 5 km east of Kuta and you’ll find the most incredible white sandy beach, consisting of two bays.

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Tour 5

Tetebatu karang bayan village

The traditional village of Sasak Lombok originally came from the north coast of Lombok. A little north of Lingsar Karang Bayan is a traditional village which produces a range of basketry products.

Tetebatu is located at the foothill of MT. Rinjani. with cool weather fresh air and is surrounded by rice fields and forests. The views of these awesome giants are breath taking.Treks in the Rinjani foot hills and through the rice fields or tobacco plantations are popular activities for those visiting Tetebatu. People also like to see the local waterfalls.

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Pringgasela is a village of traditional hand weaving cloths with silver thread and other special ornaments are hand loom in pattern . This village is known for its traditional woven cloth Tenun Gedong and still produces on old looms by skilled villagers. The cloths are well known because of their natural look and attract interest from overseas.

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Tour 7

Sightseeing, City & Food Tour

Pura Lingsar as the most sacred place on Lombok is the best site to experience the nature of Lombok’s history before the arrival of Islam. The building itself is a combination both Balinese Hinduism and local Wektu Telu animism.

Sightseeing in Nipah & Malibu beach, Pearl Farm.

Narmada Water Garden is a beautiful water garden constructed by King of Mataram in 1805 as the replica of Mount Rinjani summit and its crater lake when he was unable to climb Mount Rinjani due to old aging to make offerings to the Gods.

Local market Ampenan and Bertais Market(the biggest daily market in Lombok) would also give you a picture of how locals doing trading daily. For food tour you can taste the most well known dish of Lombok: chicken Taliwang and Pelecing Kangkung and seafood as well.