Go Vegan Go Veggies

Anggrek Putih Eco Resort highly recommend Go Vegan Go Veggies / Zorba the Greek located next to Anggrek Putih organic garden. Go Vegan Go Veggies is the only one restaurant plant-based joint and mediteranian cuisine in Lombok. We used to think that plant-based diet is impossible, compelled by our love and respect for mother earth as well as a desire for a healthier lifestyle we decided to do something radical, we have never look back. We’re committed to making most amazing burgers, pizza, greek veggie food such as veggie moussaka, veggie balls pasta, gemista, and pastitsio in Lombok. We break the stereotype of burgers, sandwiches, vegetarian food. In short, we rock with plant-based burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, soups and delicious vegetarian food and more.

Go Vegan Go Veggies is semi outdoor building, next to vegetables garden of Anggrek Putih Eco Resort. Most of our ingredients freshly cut from our own garden.

Visiting our restaurant, you can take free tour to our organic vegetable garden, so from the farm to your plate.

Now open everyday from Mon to Sun, 11:00 AM to 19:00 PM.

Whatsapp for reservation: +6287784325182