Go Veggies Warung

Anggrek Putih Eco Resort provide vegetarian restaurant, our philosophy is we serve healthy, organic, homemade, fresh food with environmentally friendly. Go Veggies Restaurant for who loves vegetarian foods.

Go Veggies serves local food, western food, snacks, drinks and desserts. Among the choices are fried rice/noodle/beehun, kangkung plecing with variant hot level, tempeh satay, veggie burger, veggie pizza, veggie wrap-up, fresh lumpia salad, green rolled pancake, and green juices.

Go Veggies Warung is semi outdoor building, next to vegetables garden of Anggrek Putih Eco Resort. Most of our ingredients freshly cut from our own garden.

Now open from Mon to Sat, 11:00 AM to 19:00 PM.

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